Halloween Hustle 5K

  • 10.28.2017 @ 12:00 PM
  • Rutland, Massachusetts
Event Closed
Online Registration has closed for this event. However, we would still love for you to join in our 1st Halloween Hustle. To accommodate last minute Registrants, we will have a registration table set up in front of the Rutland Free Public Library located at 280 Main Street, Rutland, MA. Price for all day of Registrants is $35 (with/without shirts).
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10 .28 .2017
starts at 12 :00 PM
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Event Information
About This Event
This is Rutland Police Association's 1st Halloween Hustle will take place on October 28, 2017. This race will prove to be one of the best Halloween events in town. The event focuses on the festive "spooktacular" Halloween theme by incorporating runners dressed up in their best Halloween Costume and with an overall "Halloween-y" atmosphere. Register today for the Halloween Hustle 5k. You will not want to miss this race!
About Our Course
The Race starts and finishes in the center of Rutland. Race Participants will be able to enjoy the best that the town has to offer: It's Community Spirit. This 5K Walk & Run course is a relatively mild run - no large hills - that will bring you through Rutland's quaint neighborhoods.
Race Route
1. Race starts at 250 Main Street
2. Main St. to Edson Ave. (Right)
3. Edson Ave. to Birchwood Rd. (Right)
4. Birchwood Rd. to Oakwood Rd. (Right)
5. Oakwood Rd. to Laurelwood Rd. (Right)
6. Laurelwood Rd. to Sunnyside Ave. (Left)
7. Sunnyside Ave. to Maple Ave. (Left)
8. Maple Ave. to Highland Park Rd. (Left)
9. Highland Park Rd. to Maple Ave. (Left)
10. Maple Ave. to Rutland State Hospital Rd. (Right)
11. Rutland State Hospital Rd. to Central Middle & Naquag Schools (Bear Right)
12. Schools to Main St. (Right)
13. Finish at 280 Main Street
Pre-Registration Number Pick Up
We hope you avoid the Race Day Rush and Pre-register here! If you do, you can pick up your Shirt/Number on October 27, 2017 on the green in front of the Rutland Free Public Library located at 280 Main Street between the hours of 4PM and 6PM.
Race Day Registration and Shirt/Number Pick Up
Race Day Registrants will pay a single fee - $35 (all ages). Registration will open at 10AM the day of the Race on the green in front of the Rutland Free Public Library located at 280 Main Street.
Naquag Elementary School and Central Tree Middle School located at 285 Main Street in Rutland has available parking. We would highly suggest carpooling - space is limited.
1ST, 2ND & 3RD place winners will receive prizes in each of the categories (Child, Student, Adult). They are as follows:

Child (running on their own - 10 years of age):
1st Place: $100 Gift Card to Walmart
2nd Place: Dinner for Two at Friendly's
3rd Place: $25 Gift Certificate to O'Neil's Bicycle Shop

Student (10 years - 17 years of age):
1st Place: $125 Gift Certificate to Whitco
2nd Place: $30 Gift Certificate to the Gardner Ale House
3rd Place: $25 Gift Certificate to Eller's Restaurant

Adult (18 years of age - older):
1st Place: A pick of your own Jordan Turkey
2nd Place: Frame photo of Ted Williams with a piece of Fenway Park
3rd Place: 30 minute massage a Fitness Concepts

We would like to say THANK YOU to all those who donated these wonderful prizes and for helping to make this a great event!!!
Costume up!!
We would love to see everyone come dressed in their best Halloween garb!!

Prizes for best costume will be awarded to:

Youth: 0 - 17 years of age
Winner: $25 Gift Certificate to Hubbardston Pizza

Adult: 18+ years of age
Winner: $25 Gift Certificate to Tree House Brewing Company
Thank You To Our Sponsors
The Rutland Police Association has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from our Sponsors. We are grateful for you and all you have done in making this event a success.

Chief Level Sponsors:
**Wachusett Landscape & Construction **Herlihy Insurance Group **E.P. Wine Propane **Kustom Fabrication

Lieutenant Level Sponsors:
**Mann's RV **Sentry Oil Inc. **Carewell Dental **Bond Sand & Gravel

Sergeant Level Sponsors:
**KPS Construction **Scanlon & Associates **Baystate Hydraulic Services, Inc. **Salvadore Chevrolet Auto **JPC Excavation & Septic **Firesafe Chimney Services **Performance Plus, Inc. **Pillsbury Funeral Homes, Inc.
**Wachusett Sealcoating **Raul's Automotive **DiPilato Construction Company **Gary Rice Equipment & Service, LLC. **Central Mass Oil, Inc. **Rutland Volunteer Fire Brigade

Patrolmen Level Sponsors:
**J. Mullen Painting Co. **RVs R US **Gibbs Realty Inc. **Emergency Signal Systems, Inc. **D'Iorio's **Lee's Barber Shop **Rutland Marketplace **Rutland House of Pizza **Ladd's Restaurant & Lounge **Gasparoni Plumbing, LLC. **Performance Plus, Inc. **Firesafe Chimney Services
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Waiver and Release of Liability In consideration of the risk of injury while participating in the Halloween Hustle 5K (the “Activity”), and as consideration for the right to participate in the Activity, I hereby, for myself , my heirs, executors, administrators, assigns, or personal representative, knowingly and voluntarily enter into this waiver and release of liability and hereby waive any and all rights, claims or causes of action of any kind whatsoever arising out of my participation in the Activity, and do hereby release and forever discharge the Rutland Police Association and the Town of Rutland, located at 242 & 250 Main Street, Rutland Massachusetts 01543, their affiliates, managers, members, agents, attorney, staff, volunteers, heirs, representatives, predecessors, successors and assigns, for any physical or psychological injury, including but not limited to illness, paralysis, death, damages, economical or emotional loss, that I may suffer as a direct result of my participation in the aforementioned Activity, including traveling to and from an event related to this Activity. I AM VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATING IN THE AFOREMENTIONED ACTIVITY AND I AM PARTICIPATING IN THE ACTIVITY ENTIRELY AT MY OWN RISK. I AM AWARE OF THE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH TRAVELING TO AND FROM AS WELL AS PARTICIPATING IN THIS ACTIVITY, WHICH MAY INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO, PHYSICAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL INJURY, PAIN, SUFFERING, ILLNESS DISFIGUREMENT, TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT DISABILITY (INCLUDING PARALYSIS), ECONOMIC OR EMOTIONAL LOSS, AND DEATH. I UNDERSTAND THAT THESE INJURIES OR OUTCOMES MAY ARISE FROM MY OWN OR OTHERS’ NEGLIGENCE, CONDITIONS RELATED TO TRAVEL, OR THE CONDITION OF THE ACTIVITY LOCATION(S). NONETHELESS, I ASSUME ALL RELATED RISKS, BOTH KNOWN OR UNKNOWN TO ME, OF MY PARTICIPATION IN THIS ACTIVITY, INCLUDING TRAVEL TO, FROM AND DURING THIS ACTIVITY. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Rutland Police Association and the Town of Rutland against any and all claims, suits or actions of any kind whatsoever for liability, damages, compensation or otherwise brought by me or anyone on my behalf, including attorney’s fees and any related costs, if litigation arises pursuant to any claims made by me or by anyone else acting on my behalf. If the Rutland Police Association and the Town of Rutland incurs any of these types of expenses, I agree to reimburse the Rutland Police Association and the Town of Rutland. I acknowledge that the Rutland Police Association and the Town of Rutland and their directors, officers, volunteers, representatives and agents are not responsible for errors, omissions, acts or failures to act of any party or entity conducting a specific event or activity on behalf of the Rutland Police Association and the Town of Rutland. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THIS ACTIVITY MAY INVOLVE A TEST OF A PERSON’S PHYSICAL AND MENTAL LIMITS AND MAY CARRY WITH IT THE POTENTIAL FOR DEATH, SERIOUS INJURY, AND PROPERTY LOSS. The risks may include, but are not limited to, those caused by terrain, facilities, temperature, weather, lack of hydration, condition of participants, equipment, vehicular traffic and actions of others, including but not limited to, participants, volunteers, spectators, coaches, event officials and event monitors, and/or producers of the event. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE CAREFULLY READ THIS “WAIVER AND RELEASE” AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS A RELEASE OF LIABILITY. I EXPRESSLY AGREE TO RELEASE AND DISCHARGE the Rutland Police Association and the Town of Rutland AND ALL OF ITS AFFILIATES, MANAGERS, MEMBERS, AGENTS, ATTORNEYS, STAFF, VOLUNTEERS, HEIRS, REPRESENTATIVES, PREDECESSORS, SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS OR CAUSES OF ACTION AND I AGREE TO VOLUNTARILY GIVE UP OR WAIVE ANY RIGHT THAT I OTHERWISE HAVE TO BRING A LEGAL ACTION AGAINST the Rutland Police Association and the Town of Rutland FOR PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE. To the extent that statute or case law does not prohibity releases for negligence, this release is also for negligence on the part of the Rutland Police Association and the Town of Rutland, its agents, and employees. In the event that I should require medical care or treatments, I agree to be financially responsible for any costs incurred as a result of such treatment. I am aware and understand that I should carry my own health insurance. 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