Seattle Sounders FC Rave Green Run

  • 09.15.2018 @ 09:00 AM
  • Tukwila, Washington
Event Closed
Online registration for the Seattle Sounders FC Rave Green Run presented by CHI Franciscan Health will open on Tuesday, June 5. Please refer to for detailed information. Go Sounders!
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starts at 09:00 AM
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About the Rave Green Run
The Seattle Sounders FC Rave Green Run presented by CHI Franciscan Health is a fun, family oriented 5K benefitting RAVE Foundation, the official charitable arm of Seattle Sounders FC. Come out for a great day celebrating the Rave Green in all of us!
Enter to Win a Jordan Morris Autographed Ball
If you are registering for the Rave Green Run and would like to also enter to win a Jordan Morris autographed soccer ball, please use the promo code JORDANMORRIS at checkout. If you do not wish to register for the Rave Green Run but would still like to enter to win, please email and provide your first and last name. You will receive an email confirming your entry.
Sub Event Cost Distance
$40.00 5km
In consideration of being permitted to participate as a runner in the 2018 RAVE Green Run, together with any other promotional activities, (“Events”) taking place in and around the City of Tukwila on private and public land and rights of way (the “Course”) on or about September 15, 2018 (“Race Day”), the undersigned participating in the Events (hereinafter “Participant”) and on behalf of themselves and their personal representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin, and in the event that Participant is under the age of 18 years old as of the Race Day, then on their behalf by their parent’s or guardian’s signature: HEREBY WAIVES, RELEASES, DISCHARGES AND HOLDS HARMLESS Seattle Soccer LLC d/b/a Seattle Sounders FC, Major League Soccer LLC, Soccer United Marketing LLC, Starfire Sports, the City of Tukwila, Westfield Southcenter, JC Penney, Inc., the RAVE Foundation and CHI Franciscan and each of them, their owners, officers, directors, managers, agents, affiliates, sponsors, franchisors and employees (“Releases”), from and against any and all damages, costs, losses, expenses, claims, lawsuits, actions, and liability for any and all damage, demand or injury to the person or property of the Participant, including death, whether caused by the negligence or carelessness of the Releases whether active or passive, the actions of other participants and third parties, hidden, latent or obvious defects in the Course, fixtures or equipment used, or otherwise arising out of or in connection with Participant attending, observing or participating in the Events, or any other purpose related thereto without regard to negligence or carelessness by any of the Releasees (“Released Claims”). The Participant understands, acknowledges and accepts that they and their successors may not now fully know the number or magnitude of all of the Released Claims, but nevertheless intends to assume the risk by releasing such unknown claims and agreeing that this Waiver and Release is a full and final release and waiver of all Released Claims. Participant expressly agrees that this Waiver and Release is intended to be construed as broad and inclusive as is permitted under the laws of the State of Washington and that if any portion thereof is found invalid, the remainder will continue in full legal force and effect. HEREBY UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES THAT there are certain inherent risks to participating in the Events, including the risk of property damage and bodily injury including death, and that I am voluntarily participating in the Events with full knowledge of the risks involved and ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL RISKS. Participant expressly acknowledges and agrees that the Events may involve physical activities and that running on the Course may involve running on different and uneven surfaces including asphalt/concrete, grass, streets, sidewalks, gravel and in areas that may not be maintained specifically for the purpose of running activities like the Event. Participant fully acknowledges and further agrees that the Events are physically demanding, involve other participants of varying fitness levels and experience, contact with other runners, all portions of the Course are outdoors and subject to the weather and conditions on Race Day, and to the best of their knowledge I am able to participate fully in the Events. Participant expressly accepts all known and unknown risks, including but not limited to, tripping and falling, slipping, contact or impacting other racers or fixtures or items on the Course, adverse weather conditions, animals, vehicular traffic, extreme heat or cold related illnesses, dehydration, exhaustion, the negligence or carelessness of other participants, volunteers, or the Releasees, criminal activities, and injuries including those due to use or overuse of the body or body parts. RELEASEES make no warranty as to the suitability of the Course for the participation by any Participant on Race Day. Participant also warrants to the Releases that they are physically able to perform the activities asked of them related to participating in the Events, to the best of their knowledge, they are in good physical condition and are not physically injured and/or currently under the care of a physician or under the influence of any drugs, including prescription medication, alcohol or marijuana or are aware of any other physical or mental condition or circumstance which would impair or restrict their ability to participate in the Events. HEREBY AUTHORIZES Race Day organizers and/or of their respective agents or assignees to provide basic first aid treatment of minor injuries and to direct other medical treatment including authorizing emergency care and emergency medical transport at the Participant’s sole cost and expense; and Participant further agrees to indemnify and hold Race Day organizers and Releasees harmless from and against any claims regarding the administration or direction of medical care including the coordination of emergency services including transport, or the failure to provide or administer such medical care or coordinate emergency services or transport. Participant further authorizes any such medical professional on Course or called to the Course on Race Day to administer medical care, including emergency services, that they deem appropriate under the circumstances. AND PARTICIPANT HEREBY, AUTHORIZES, Seattle Soccer, LLC, RAVE Foundation, City of Tukwila and CHI Franciscan to capture photographs, video and audio of their participation in the Events, which may include rights in likeness, image and voice (“Personality Rights”) and forever release to the foregoing acquiring party the right, to use worldwide in perpetuity, their Personality Rights, in any form or medium in connection with their Participation in the Events, including any derivatives thereof for any current or future Seattle Soccer, LLC, RAVE Foundation, City of Tukwila or CHI Franciscan commercial, promotional or marketing purposes in any and all media whether in existence or hereinafter created (collectively, “Media”). All such captured Media, and all right, title and interest thereto shall become the sole property of the foregoing capturing party, and Participant understand that they will not be paid or receive any compensation or notification for the use of their Personality Rights in Media, including any derivative created therefrom. Participant acknowledges and agrees that this release of Personality Rights is intended to comport with and is subject to RCW 62.60.010. In addition to the foregoing terms, information collected from Participant is subject to Major League Soccer’s Privacy Policy. Information about our data privacy and security policies can be found by visiting and PARTICIPANT ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT EXECUTION OF THIS RELEASE AND WAIVER IS A CONDITION PRECDENT TO BEING PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENTS. PARTICIPANT ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THEY HAVE READ AND VOLUNTARILY SIGNS THIS RELEASE AND WAIVER AGREEMENT, and further agrees that no oral representations, statements, or inducement apart from the foregoing agreements have been made. SecureFee™ Registration Cancellation Insurance is offered in most states. If purchased, your registration may be covered for one of the covered reasons stated in the policy.