RaceWire is an endurance event service company headquartered in New England and serving clients all across the country. We provide online registration, race timing, and several other services for more than 1,000 events annually. We strive to create a better experience for both race directors and athletes, and rely heavily on our dedicated and energetic employees to reach our goals.
In July of 2000, Evan Henry (Ryan and Colin's brother) passed away by accidental drowning. Determined to honor their brother and son, the Henry's created a non-profit organization that raised money for families just like theirs, those who had a child with autism. One of the main fundraisers the organization hosted was Evan's Run, a race that took place every spring. After 10 years of putting thousands of dollars toward the timing of the race, Ryan had an idea to purchase his own equipment and do it himself. Mulling it over, he asked longtime childhood friend Mike Allen if he was interested in starting an on-the-side business, mostly weekend stuff, to help other families and organizations execute similar events. Mike obliged.

Both spent their weekdays at full time jobs, and afterhours planning what was then Finish Line Sports Management. In the very beginning in the "office" (Ryan's childhood basement) they spent many sleepless nights taking their plan off the ground. The two created a website for online registration and timed 20 events their first year. It truly was a family affair with Ryan's mom handling the books, his dad helping on the courses, and his brothers working in the office (when they finally got one).
We strive to be first, or better, with innovation in our industry
It's a lot of late nights, but our team is always brainstorming the next big thing. By predicting trends and listening to the needs of our clients, we are consistently setting and then raising the bar for what is expected.

We proactively solve problems
We never wait until it's too late. Staying on top of things helps keep our customers feeling calm. When issues do come up, we work behind the scenes to make sure you don't even feel them.

We don't take ourselves too seriously
At the end of the day, we are successful because of our culture. The ability to laugh at our shortcomings and celebrate our successes is crucial in a fast paced industry (see what we did there).

We maximize the value of our employees and assets to maximize the value our customers receive
we each wear more hats than women at the Kentucky Derby, and "that's not my job" is not in our vernacular. Our staff is dynamic, and so are our services.

We create a better experience for athletes and race directors
You are what matters most to us. Whether it's a text message that makes you laugh after a race or a new tech feature that makes life easier, when you're happy, so are we.
Ryan is our President and trusted leader. He has taken a 2-person startup run out of his childhood home to a nationwide business serving over 750 events yearly. Prior to RaceWire, Ryan crunched a lot of numbers at a private equity firm and at an investment banking firm. He has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Boston College, where he also ran the 400M on the track team and served as captain. Ryan still coaches at his former high school, and if he wanted to, could probably win most of the races we time (as long as those races are 400 meters long). Beyond the sports and the numbers, Ryan also is the co-founder of the Evan Henry Foundation for Autism, a non-profit created in his late brother’s memory, which has raised half a million dollars for autism awareness and was the inspiration to start RaceWire.

Fun Fact About Ryan: He road a bike (with pedals) across the United States.
Brad is a partner and the Head of Technology at RaceWire. He oversees our online properties and is the driving force behind new web development. With two master’s degrees from MIT, Brad brings an incredibly strong background in computer programming to our team. We are still trying to figure out why/how he spends so much time with us simple-minded folks. Before RaceWire, he was an engineering officer abroad a fleet of LNG tankers carrying natural gas from Indonesia to Japan and a strategy consultant. Brad also founded and pioneered the games-as-research-platform, PartingGift. When he isn’t fixing our internet with his mind power, Brad spends time with his wife and three children. He also swims, runs and sometimes you may see him leading a pack of race runners on his bike. Just like Brad - always showing off.

Fun Fact About Brad: He once moved a 175 year-old church exactly 20 feet.
Colin serves as RaceWire’s Account Manager on the West Coast. He oversees operations and execution of services in California and has been a largely responsible for our expansion there. We personally think he just likes to be warmer and tanner than the rest of us in the winter. The verdict is still TBD. Colin has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Analysis from Boston University, where he also played on the soccer team. While once he was the conference Defender of the Year, he now enjoys protein and deadlifts, and is practically a fitness model.

Fun Fact About Colin: He was the #1 ranked Tetris player in the world.
John is RaceWire’s most senior Account Manager in New England. He manages day-to-day operations in the office, in addition to logistics for our largest races on the East Coast. John will never tell us how much he loves timing, but it’s probably the most of anyone, ever. He is one of our strongest weekend warriors, responsible for timing more than 60 races in 2014. It’s “exactly 67,” he says, and of course he would know. John is one of those rare birds that got a perfect score on his SAT. Who does that? Our team brainiac graduated from Stanford University where he has a Bachelor of Science in Management, Science and Engineering. John is also one of Stanford’s best Beirut athletes, but he never brags about it.

Fun Fact About John: He has worked the gamut, timing both the smallest race (14 runners) and the largest race (27,531 runners) in RaceWire history.
Jessie serves as the Sales and Marketing Manager for RaceWire. She manages day-to-day inbound and outbound sales and all new business, along with all creating and executing social media and marketing campaigns. Before RaceWire, she did sales, personal training and health promotion. As RaceWire’s first full-time female employee, Jessie was responsible for significant improvements in efficiency and her coworkers’ personal hygiene. She has a Master of Science in Exercise Science from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Penn State University, where she was the captain of the women’s soccer team. She still plays soccer with other retired athlete adults and every year promises to never run a full marathon again. To counter her love for physical activity and nutrition, she bakes a lot, and has a nerdy food blog to prove it.

Fun Fact About Jessie: She once stood up for 46-hours straight. And when she sat down she cried.
No one knows for sure where John really came from. Some say he wandered into the West Coast office off the street and the other employees were just too polite to ask him to leave. Others claim he has always been there, the office built around him, to one day awaken to the call of the Race Timer's life. Neither can be confirmed. The others have given up on ever knowing the truth of his origin, or, as is more likely the case, really don't care. What is known about this man of mystery (and intrigue – if the mood strikes him) is that he has been Lead Timing races since age 15, when getting to events necessitated a driver.

Today – a timing boy grown into a timing man – he wanders the nation, timing for those in need. If time is of the essence and it requires a professional who can expertly count just how many seconds have passed since you started reading (33.53), you may call on the timing abilities of John Ware.

When not writing absurd things about himself in the third person or timing races, his free time is spent in equal parts actively mountain biking and inactively wasting countless hours on video games.

Fun Fact About John: John once stayed awake for 40 hours straight timing races. Caffeine is a hell of a drug.
Jim may be new to RaceWire, but he has been in road racing a long, long time -- so long that he can claim his running career to be older than the Saucony Jazz (first release). He caught the marathon bug after running the Long Island Marathon at age 14, an act of will against which his cross country coach strongly advised. After spending the morning emptying his stomach contents, he decided that long-distance racing was his destiny.

Unable to get running and racing out of his system, Jim entered the specialty running business, establishing two successful running retail stores and the City of Oaks Marathon, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Yep, he started a marathon. Now, he returns "home", to the Tri-State area, where he hopes to expand racing, and RaceWire even further.

"Race timing has come a long way since the age of stop watches and popsicle sticks," Micheels said. "I'm excited to be a part of the future of racing."

Fun Fact About Jim: Jim finished the L.I. Marathon on that hot day in 1984. His time was a respectable time 3:49. It was mostly yellow Gatorade that he vomited that day.
Pat has been developing web technology for almost a decade, a fact which causes him to instinctively suck in his gut and feel around his hairline. He was quite excited about joining our team of passionate runners and hoped he'd find an opportunity to start participating in races soon. Don't tell Pat... we hate to break it to him that his idea, being pulled along on roller-skates by another RaceWire employee, won't necessarily count as a "race". He spends his free time swapping an endless supply of digital devices, none of which he remembers buying or ever using, into the single usb charger in his apartment. He will keep those little bars full, no matter what. Brad is thrilled that he finally has a partner to delve into the "exciting world of technology", and the rest of the team is thrilled they have someone else they can pester with the "confusing questions caused by technology".

Fun Fact About Pat:
Ray has been at RaceWire since the expansion out to the West Coast. He manages the bib preparation and equipment maintenance that allows for races to go smoothly. Ray has been around the running scene since his old college days where he did Track & Field at Glendale Community College. With a full Track & Field scholarship to Concordia University, Ray studied Exercise and Sports Science. When he is isn't working, Ray spends his time running or hitting the dance floor.

Fun Fact About Ray: Ray was named Male Athlete of the Year in 2006 for his work on the track in college.
Megan is the go-to gal in the Boston office, serving as the Office Manager, and wears many hats... who knows what you'll find her doing today! Being the second female hire, she brings a breath of fresh air to the office... and not just because of the Febreeze. Megan has a Bachelors Degree in Communications from the University of New Hampshire, with a Business minor focusing on Sales and Marketing. Before RaceWire, Megan worked in sales where she found her niche in the detailed-oriented operational side of the business world. She brings her passion and organization to the office (even if the boys can't find the labeled key bin) leading her to basically have a hand in every aspect of the office.

Unlike the others you may have read on this page, she didn't catch the fitness bug until 2012 (I know- late to the party...) where, combined with her husband, they lost over 200 pounds in eighteen months. Never letting her obstacles define her, Megan pushes her limits by never thinking anything impossible- only a challenge to reach higher.

Megan is right at home at Racewire- with its vibrant and infectious spirit fueled by frightening consumption levels of caffeine, she fits right in! She believes life should be lived to its fullest and to not take yourself too serious, just ask the others in the office!

When Megan is not working, she can be found training for her first marathon... (soon to be ultra-marathon), reading, or spending time with friends and family.

Fun Fact About Megan: Megan plans to continue dedicating and donating her finisher medals to the terminally ill, doctors, and veterans through We Finish Together.