RaceWire is an endurance event service company headquartered in New England and serving clients all across the country. We provide online registration, race timing, and several other services for more than 1,000 events annually. We strive to create a better experience for both race directors and athletes, and rely heavily on our dedicated and energetic employees to reach our goals.
In July of 2000, Evan Henry (Ryan and Colin's brother) passed away by accidental drowning. Determined to honor their brother and son, the Henry's created a non-profit organization that raised money for families just like theirs, those who had a child with autism. One of the main fundraisers the organization hosted was Evan's Run, a race that took place every spring. After 10 years of putting thousands of dollars toward the timing of the race, Ryan had an idea to purchase his own equipment and do it himself. Mulling it over, he asked longtime childhood friend Mike Allen if he was interested in starting an on-the-side business, mostly weekend stuff, to help other families and organizations execute similar events. Mike obliged.

Both spent their weekdays at full time jobs, and afterhours planning what was then Finish Line Sports Management. In the very beginning in the "office" (Ryan's childhood basement) they spent many sleepless nights taking their plan off the ground. The two created a website for online registration and timed 20 events their first year. It truly was a family affair with Ryan's mom handling the books, his dad helping on the courses, and his brothers working in the office (when they finally got one).
We strive to be first, or better, with innovation in our industry
It's a lot of late nights, but our team is always brainstorming the next big thing. By predicting trends and listening to the needs of our clients, we are consistently setting and then raising the bar for what is expected.

We proactively solve problems
We never wait until it's too late. Staying on top of things helps keep our customers feeling calm. When issues do come up, we work behind the scenes to make sure you don't even feel them.

We don't take ourselves too seriously
At the end of the day, we are successful because of our culture. The ability to laugh at our shortcomings and celebrate our successes is crucial in a fast paced industry (see what we did there).

We maximize the value of our employees and assets to maximize the value our customers receive
we each wear more hats than women at the Kentucky Derby, and "that's not my job" is not in our vernacular. Our staff is dynamic, and so are our services.

We create a better experience for athletes and race directors
You are what matters most to us. Whether it's a text message that makes you laugh after a race or a new tech feature that makes life easier, when you're happy, so are we.
Ryan is our President and trusted leader. He has taken a 2-person startup run out of his childhood home to a nationwide business serving over 750 events yearly. Prior to RaceWire, Ryan crunched a lot of numbers at a private equity firm and at an investment banking firm. He has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Boston College, where he also ran the 400M on the track team and served as captain. Ryan still coaches at his former high school, and if he wanted to, could probably win most of the races we time (as long as those races are 400 meters long). Beyond the sports and the numbers, Ryan also is the co-founder of the Evan Henry Foundation for Autism, a non-profit created in his late brother’s memory, which has raised half a million dollars for autism awareness and was the inspiration to start RaceWire.

Fun Fact About Ryan: He rode a bike (with pedals) across the United States.
Colin serves as RaceWire's Account Manager on the West Coast. He oversees operations and execution of services in California and has been a largely responsible for our expansion there. We personally think he just likes to be warmer and tanner than the rest of us in the winter. The verdict is still TBD. Colin has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Analysis from Boston University, where he also played on the soccer team. While once he was the conference Defender of the Year, he now enjoys protein and deadlifts, and is practically a fitness model.

Fun Fact About Colin: He was the #1 ranked Tetris player in the world.
John is RaceWire's most senior Account Manager in New England. He manages day-to-day operations in the office, in addition to logistics for our largest races on the East Coast. John will never tell us how much he loves timing, but it’s probably the most of anyone, ever. He is one of our strongest weekend warriors, responsible for timing more than 60 races in 2014. It's "exactly 67," he says, and of course he would know. John is one of those rare birds that got a perfect score on his SAT. Who does that? Our team brainiac graduated from Stanford University where he has a Bachelor of Science in Management, Science and Engineering. John is also one of Stanford’s best Beirut athletes, but he never brags about it.

Fun Fact About John: He has worked the gamut, timing both the smallest race (14 runners) and the largest race (27,531 runners) in RaceWire history.
Eric serves as a Sales Associate for RaceWire. He manages daily sales and all new business for our offices. Before RaceWire, Eric was a teacher, coach, and run specialty store manager. He is a self-proclaimed 'shoe geek' - can you own too many pairs of running shoes? I think not! Eric has been fortunate to work in all aspect of this industry- even adding some experience in directing races!

Eric has been running for twenty years, from cross country and track at Eastern Illinois University to laps around his block nowadays. After college he raced mostly triathlons for five years before returning to running.

When Eric is not working, he enjoys hiking, camping, and biking with his family and friends. Eric has to keep up after all- he has a fourteen month old daughter!

Fun Fact About Eric: During a year stint teaching English to young children in Korea, Eric travelled to watch the Track and Field World Championships in Daegu- seeing Usain Bolt win the 200!
Erick serves as RaceWire's Account Manager on the West Coast. In addition to working in the CA office and timing races, Erick is finishing up a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at California State University, LA- graduating later in 2017. Once an avid soccer player in an outdoor league, Erick loves to stay in the action! In 2016, with no training, Erick ran his first 5K and plans to running more in the coming months! Hopefully some sort of training will happen this time- or is Erick capable to gain speed by osmosis? Tracking speedy times is not left to road races, Erick enjoys drag racing at the track to fuel his need for speed.

Erick dreams to road trip across the US soon, and overseas after! Where to? Erick doesn’t know! Stay tuned!

Fun Fact About Erick: Erick has disassembled and reconstructed an entire engine on a whim. "It was a 3.0 I6 1989 Mercedes Engine" Show off!
Josh is an Account Manager in North Carolina. He is not your typical "athletic" type as he has been described as somewhere between a bowling ball and a human forklift. He was a three-sport athlete in high school, a two-sport intramural athlete in college, a master fantasy football owner, a championship softball player, great dart thrower, good bowler, a fine fisherman, decent pool player and a horrible golfer. He has hiked the Appalachian Trail in his home state of North Carolina and hopes to walk the entire trail from Georgia to Maine someday. He has also climbed three mountains without ropes.

Josh is also a husband and a father. His family is his life and likes to spend his free time teaching his son how to throw a football, shoot basketball, play soccer, to fish and solve mathematical puzzles. Josh graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.
Kyle is an Account Manager at RaceWire serving the D.C. Metro area. Prior to joining RaceWire Kyle coached college football in Iowa and Minnesota. He played football at Concordia University where he graduated with a degree in sports management.

In his spare time, Kyle paddleboards, competes in local 5ks and brews his own beer!
Pat has been developing web technology for almost a decade, a fact which causes him to instinctively suck in his gut and feel around his hairline. He was quite excited about joining our team of passionate runners and hoped he'd find an opportunity to start participating in races soon. Don't tell Pat... we hate to break it to him that his idea, being pulled along on roller-skates by another RaceWire employee, won't necessarily count as a "race". He spends his free time swapping an endless supply of digital devices, none of which he remembers buying or ever using, into the single usb charger in his apartment. He will keep those little bars full, no matter what. Brad is thrilled that he finally has a partner to delve into the "exciting world of technology", and the rest of the team is thrilled they have someone else they can pester with the "confusing questions caused by technology".

Fun Fact About Pat: That's not a mirror Pat's standing next to, it's his twin brother!
Kelly is the face for all things events related, serving as our Event Operations Manager in Boston. She received her degree in Corporate Communications from Bridgewater State University, and has been hooked on event planning ever since. Her repertoire includes everything from coordinating a gala for bigwigs in the footwear industry, to planning a bridal shower people didn't hate attending. Although her hand-eye coordination is lackluster at best, she has always enjoyed being active. Currently, you'll be able to find her anywhere a stationary bike and some good tunes reside.

Fun Fact About Kelly: Although not someone who considers herself "outdoorsy," Kelly spent a week backpacking through the Adirondack Mountains before college.
Ray has been at RaceWire since the expansion out to the West Coast. He manages the bib preparation and equipment maintenance that allows for races to go smoothly. Ray has been around the running scene since his old college days where he did Track & Field at Glendale Community College. With a full Track & Field scholarship to Concordia University, Ray studied Exercise and Sports Science. When he is isn't working, Ray spends his time running or hitting the dance floor.

Fun Fact About Ray: Ray was named Male Athlete of the Year in 2006 for his work on the track in college.