Race to the Summit Half Marathon and 5K

  • 09.29.2018 @ 10:00 AM
  • Princeton, Massachusetts
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Non-Profit Information
About The Race 2 the Summit 5K and Half Marathon
Race 2 the Summit is a non-profit race that raises money for the Marlene Mills Foundation and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The Marlene Mills Foundation is a Scholarship foundation that is names after a wonderful mother who showed the world what giving back can do for a community, with the motto "Never give up, always give back." the scholarship foundation gives scholarships to those who exemplify what being a volunteer is. The Dana Farber Cancer Institute is a wonderful organization in Boston MA that provides the most cutting edge treatments and best care to those with cancer, while also trying to find a cure. These 2 organizations hold an important place in the hearts of those who organize the Race 2 the Summit each year, as well as to those who choose to run. Please consider donating to these wonderful organizations, so we can help create a better and healthier tomorrow.
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