Holly Club Hustle 5K

  • 04.07.2019 @ 10:00 AM
  • Wrentham, Massachusetts
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About The Holly Club Hustle 5K
The Holly Club of Wrentham was organized in 1898. The club was named when a group of women, seeking to begin a women's club, met in December and noticed the bowl of holly on the table. The decision was made to take the name The Holly Club. This club is dedicated to social services, civic activities and a broader fellowship among women. Affiliated with the General Federation of Women's Clubs of Massachusetts, and the General Federation of Women's Clubs, the Holly Club is open to all women regardless of race, color or creed. In broadening our membership base, we become aware of other groups, other needs, other ways in which we can become involved and make a difference in the world, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in larger ways.
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