Newton 10K with a 5K Chaser - Online Registration is Closed. Register at True Runner today or onsite Sunday.

  • 05.18.2014 @ 08:00 AM
  • Newton, Massachusetts
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About Newton 10K with a 5K Chaser
Help Us Fix the Horace Mann Playground to Provide Safe Play for all Children in Newton! For more than 50 years, the Horace Mann Playground at Albemarle Park has been a popular playing destination for elementary school children. Located in Newtonville, MA, the playground is adjacent to the Albemarle Park, a public park in Newtonville, on Albemarle Road. Built to serve the students of Horace Mann School, a Newton public elementary school (grades k-12), the playground is also open to the public. It is conveniently located in the southwest corner of Albemarle Park, so it gets a lot of use by children outside of school hours who live in and near the community. The City of Newton Parks & RecreationDepartment has advised the schoolthat the playground is in need of repair.Although it is under the responsibility of the Newton Schools Committee to repair all school playgrounds, there is no budget this year or next to repair this playground. A group of concerned parents with children attending Horace Mann has decided to step-up and help raise the money needed to fix the Horace Mann Playground by the end of 2014. We have formed a sub-committee under a registered 501c3 organization associated with the Park to coordinate the fund raising efforts. After conducting an assessment of the playground structure that is in disrepair, we have determined it will be wiser and less expensive over the long-term, to replace the complete structure with weather resistant materials. In collaboration with the school, community and City of Newton, we will develop a new structure that is age- and ability-diverse to suit all children well. Please help us to keep this Playground a safe, fun environment for all children who come to play there. We feel confident that this project will be successful with your contribution! For more information visit WITH YOUR HELP AND CONTRIBUTIONS WE BELIEVE WE CAN ALL MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
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