Sydney Craven Memorial Fund 5K Tutu Run

  • 06.18.2016 @ 09:00 AM
  • East Bridgewater , Massachusetts
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Hey All!

This is the First Tutu Run in honor of Sydney Craven. Sydney Craven is the daughter of a friend of mine from work. Sydney is now sparkling upon all of us from above. When I first heard about this event for Sydney, there was no question on whether or not I would be participating. It may be a shocker to many to see me in a tutu and pink since I've never really been a girly girl but for Sydney I will. There are some things in life we need to do no matter what and this is one of those events for me. Some may just see this event as another 5K but that's not how everyone sees it.; it's not how I see it. It's hard to clearly explain my feelings so I'm not going to try but know I am participating in this event to help spread the SPARKLE!
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