The Jog for Joy 5K

  • 12.05.2021 @ 01:00 PM
  • Needham, Massachusetts
Pre-Registered Participants
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Total Participants Registered: 288
First NameLast NameSub EventTeam Name
AbbyDietzAdult 5k (15y+)Veritas Vortex
AbbyMesserAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
AbbyJamielAdult 5k (15y+)CWCF + CF Accolade Fam
AbelSwaimYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
AdelineWickhamYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
AdlaiElmoreYouth 5k (up to 14y)Team Rocky
AidanKwokYouth 5k (up to 14y)Highrock Mdddle School
AlanKruppAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Lexington
AlanaDooYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
AlesssandraDiamantisAdult 5k (15y+)
AlexYipVirtual Runner Adult (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
AlexandraLayYouth 5k (up to 14y)Highrock Mdddle School
AlexisDrakeAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
AliciaChenAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
AlvinShihI want to donate only
AmyHinrichsAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
AndersonCoreYouth 5k (up to 14y)Team Core
AndreaMarshallAdult 5k (15y+)
AndrewNohAdult 5k (15y+)5K Noh Sweat
AndrewNormanAdult 5k (15y+)Highgate Rockers
angelinaswaimAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
AnnikaChanVirtual Runner Adult (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
AntonioCruzAdult 5k (15y+)
AnyaLimYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
AprilKalix-CattellAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
ArthurShumAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
AsaCattellYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
AsherSaffYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
AveryMingYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
BarnabasLeeAdult 5k (15y+)
BeatrizBloodworthAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Lexington
BenMarshallYouth 5k (up to 14y)Rev Run Ryan and the OG Joggers
BenHampsonAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
BenjaminRoyYouth 5k (up to 14y)
BlaiseSwaimYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
BonnieSmithI want to donate only
BreahnaRobertsonAdult 5k (15y+)Veritas Vortex
BrianDietzAdult 5k (15y+)Veritas Vortex
BrianMasonAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
BrieDooAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
BrittanyStruckAdult 5k (15y+)Moms on meds & hope
BryanDooAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
CalebDietzYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
CALEBORTHAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
CalumGilliesAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
CarolZaczkiewiczAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Lexington
CarolineCullenAdult 5k (15y+)Veritas Vortex
Carolynvan OlooAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
CaylaKwokAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
CeliaFukushimaYouth 5k (up to 14y)Team Rocky
ChrisSwansonAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
ChrisLoveAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
ChrisSheddI want to donate only
ClaraSwansonYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
ClaraKimAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
CliffHaydenVirtual Runner Adult (15y+)
CloverStantonAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
ColleenFiguciaAdult 5k (15y+)
ConnorCullenYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
ConorMesserAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
CyndiGonzalezAdult 5k (15y+)
DanKimAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
DanielLeeAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
DanielStanleyAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
DanielYueAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
DavidSaffAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
DavidRoyAdult 5k (15y+)
DeborahBratschiAdult 5k (15y+)Highgate Rockers
DonaldGilliesAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
DougMacraeVirtual Runner Adult (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
DylanLaneYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
EJKimYouth 5k (up to 14y)
ElaineWestermarkAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
EliseDupontYouth 5k (up to 14y)
EliudOlooAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
ElizaCoreAdult 5k (15y+)Team Core
EllenKruppAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Lexington
ElliLimYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
ElliotSeifertYouth 5k (up to 14y)
EmersonRoyYouth 5k (up to 14y)
EmilyMargolisVirtual Runner Adult (15y+)
EmmaSwansonYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
EmmanuelSwaimYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
EmmyRolfeYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
EricWongAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
EricDearingAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
EricTsungAdult 5k (15y+)
ErikReckAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
ErikRobertsAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
ErikaHessionAdult 5k (15y+)Highgate Rockers
EthanRobertsAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
FolukeAjayiAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
FrankieGeeI want to donate only
GabrielDupontYouth 5k (up to 14y)
GabrielManassehYouth 5k (up to 14y)
GaryWestermarkAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
gavinmaclaurinYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
GeorgeCladisAdult 5k (15y+)
GideonStantonYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
GraceNicoletteAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Online!
GregoryHsuAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
GriffinRoyYouth 5k (up to 14y)
GusO'DonnellAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
HankBrightmanAdult 5k (15y+)
HannaYoonAdult 5k (15y+)
HeatherDietzAdult 5k (15y+)Veritas Vortex
HilaryStantonAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
HollyMarshallYouth 5k (up to 14y)Girls on the Run (GOTR)
HuyLeAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
Hye SunYunAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
IanLaneAdult 5k (15y+)Veritas Vortex
ianmaclaurinYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
IsaacSaffAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
IsabellaRolfeYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
IsaiahBuntenAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
JackStenAdult 5k (15y+)Highgate Rockers
JacksonLoveYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
JacksonRoyYouth 5k (up to 14y)
JacquelineLeeAdult 5k (15y+)
JamesRolfeYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
JamesAndertonAdult 5k (15y+)
JamesOverholtAdult 5k (15y+)Community Covenant Church
JaneSmalleyAdult 5k (15y+)Highgate Rockers
JasonLeeAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
JeanNohAdult 5k (15y+)5K Noh Sweat
JeanPeteetAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
JeanSicurellaAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
JedO'DonnellYouth 5k (up to 14y)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
JeffBuntenAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
JenRussellAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
JennieNohYouth 5k (up to 14y)5K Noh Sweat
JenniferStuart PrichardAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
JeremiahTsungYouth 5k (up to 14y)
JeremyTrelstadAdult 5k (15y+)
JeremyLeeYouth 5k (up to 14y)
JessicaPattonAdult 5k (15y+)CrossFit Watch City
JessicaRoyAdult 5k (15y+)
JessicaHimmelsteinAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
JillLimAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
JimO'DonnellAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
JoAnnaMingAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
JoeCattellAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
JoelStantonAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
JohnOldhamAdult 5k (15y+)
JohnKimAdult 5k (15y+)
JohnChoiAdult 5k (15y+)
JohnPeteetAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
JohnScheftAdult 5k (15y+)The Senior Prophets
JonathanZongAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
JonathanSargentAdult 5k (15y+)YAC PACK
JONATHANLIMAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
JosephLeeAdult 5k (15y+)
JosephMarcucciAdult 5k (15y+)
JoshuaChiAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
JoyLiAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
JoyceBuntenAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
JulianAndersonAdult 5k (15y+)
JulieMacraeVirtual Runner Adult (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
JulieLeeAdult 5k (15y+)
JustinWongVirtual Runner Adult (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
JustinChoiAdult 5k (15y+)YAC PACK
JustinLimYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
KailaniDooYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
KaleaDooYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
KarenMeneghiniI want to donate onlyPastor Dave's Dashers
KarlaRamos-TorresI want to donate onlyCWCF + CF Accolade Fam
KassandraTatAdult 5k (15y+)
KatHampsonAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
KathleenSuciptoAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
KatieBurnsYouth 5k (up to 14y)Team Core
KatieNohAdult 5k (15y+)5K Noh Sweat
KellyDearingAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
KerryZolkowskiAdult 5k (15y+)
KevinScheperAdult 5k (15y+)
KevinLinAdult 5k (15y+)YAC PACK
KilpatrickCarrollAdult 5k (15y+)Go ahead, join this (15+) team!
KimSwansonAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
Kim MarieNicolsVirtual Runner Adult (15y+)
KimberlyRobertsAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
Kinndahvan OlooYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Dave's Dashers
KooChungAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
KristaLaneAdult 5k (15y+)Veritas Vortex
KristinaLockAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Lexington
KurtMacLaurinAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
KylaMingYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
LauraFelchAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
LaviniaHsuAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
LenaZolkowskiYouth 5k (up to 14y)
LenkaPattenAdult 5k (15y+)Girls on the Run (GOTR)
LiaMingYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
LillianWickhamYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
LindaRadriquezAdult 5k (15y+)Moms on meds & hope
LindsayWelchAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
LindseyKolinskiI want to donate only
LisaReineltVirtual Runner Adult (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
LoriCladisAdult 5k (15y+)
LouisZaczkiewiczAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Lexington
LucasWickhamAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
LukasMarshallYouth 5k (up to 14y)Rev Run Ryan and the OG Joggers
LuLuDietzYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
LydiaYuAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
LyndaWheatleyI want to donate onlyPastor Kim's Kruisers
LynnBurnsAdult 5k (15y+)Team Core
LynnMasonYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Dave's Dashers
MarieShineAdult 5k (15y+)
MaryOverholtAdult 5k (15y+)Community Covenant Church
MattNguyenAdult 5k (15y+)YAC PACK
MatthewOverholtAdult 5k (15y+)Community Covenant Church
Mayeeshavan OlooYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
MeganKerrAdult 5k (15y+)Team Core
MeghanDeJongAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Online!
MelanieKonstandakisAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
MeredithSeifertAdult 5k (15y+)Moms on meds & hope
MicahCoreYouth 5k (up to 14y)Team Core
MicahSaffYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
michaellawrenceVirtual Runner Adult (15y+)
MichaelTaberAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Mdddle School
MichaelWallioAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
michelleswaimAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
MikaylaDooYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
MikeyNohYouth 5k (up to 14y)5K Noh Sweat
morganmaclaurinYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
MosesCattellYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
NathanBuntenYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Dave's Dashers
NathanPrichardAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
NathanManassehAdult 5k (15y+)
NickYehAdult 5k (15y+)YAC PACK
NoahLimAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
NoahDollardYouth 5k (up to 14y)Highrock Mdddle School
NoraChanYouth 5k (up to 14y)Highrock Mdddle School
OliviaBuntenYouth 5k (up to 14y)Highrock Mdddle School
OluseyiAjayiAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
OmerSchneiderAdult 5k (15y+)
PeterMovillaAdult 5k (15y+)
PeterMasonYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Dave's Dashers
PhilipRolfeAdult 5k (15y+)Veritas Vortex
PriyaManassehAdult 5k (15y+)
RebeccaNortonVirtual Runner Adult (15y+)Rev Run Ryan and the OG Joggers
RebeccaSaffAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
RebeccaWickhamAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
RebekahO'DonnellAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
RichardDoddsAdult 5k (15y+)Highgate Rockers
RobHullAdult 5k (15y+)
RobertBloodworthAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Lexington
RyanMarshallAdult 5k (15y+)Rev Run Ryan and the OG Joggers
SageKerstetterYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
SamiraThompsonAdult 5k (15y+)Moms on meds & hope
SamuelBloodworthAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Lexington
SamuelCetouteYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
SandyRolfeAdult 5k (15y+)Veritas Vortex
SaraShineAdult 5k (15y+)
SarahMacLaurinAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
sarahmajorsAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
SarahAndertonAdult 5k (15y+)
SarahKwokAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
SharonUnumbAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Lexington
sharonsegalAdult 5k (15y+)
ShayBegleiterAdult 5k (15y+)
ShirleyYuAdult 5k (15y+)
SimonStantonAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
SimonMinerAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
SimonaPattenYouth 5k (up to 14y)Girls on the Run (GOTR)
SkylerSeifertYouth 5k (up to 14y)Highrock Mdddle School
StephanieHullAdult 5k (15y+)
StephanieShuAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
StephanieYipVirtual Runner Adult (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
StephenCullenAdult 5k (15y+)Veritas Vortex
StephenMartinAdult 5k (15y+)Highrock Lexington
StephenMurphyAdult 5k (15y+)CWCF + CF Accolade Fam
TajaPerezAdult 5k (15y+)
TashaCetouteAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
taylorswaimAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Dave's Dashers
Tekovan OlooYouth 5k (up to 14y)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
ThomasHessionAdult 5k (15y+)
TiffanyYorkAdult 5k (15y+)Moms on meds & hope
TimMingAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
TinaLeeAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
TitiAifowokhanAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Chris' Crawlers
TriciaWoodwardAdult 5k (15y+)
VeronicaChengAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
VivianChungAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
WaltQuickAdult 5k (15y+)CWCF + CF Accolade Fam
wenyuquAdult 5k (15y+)Ohana! (Highrock Brookline)
XianaRussellAdult 5k (15y+)Pastor Kim's Kruisers
Xing-YinNiAdult 5k (15y+)Running Hsus
ZachLimYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
ZacharyChoiYouth 5k (up to 14y)Veritas Vortex
ZacharyDupontAdult 5k (15y+)