Marina's Miles 5K

  • 04.06.2019 @ 10:00 AM
  • Durham, New Hampshire
Event Closed
The event director has closed online registration for this event.
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Event Information
Marina's Miles is a 5K road race/walk to raise money for a college scholarship to be awarded to an Oyster River High School Student in memory of Marina Slavin, who died at the age of 20 from having too big a heart (medically, she had an enlarged heart caused by an infection). Marina was known for enthusiastically greeting friends - running & hugging as if it'd been years ... when it may have only been hours. She reached out to new classmates, discouraged teammates, new neighbors. She loved the people in her life passionately, and embraced life and all it had to offer (especially fall leaves, running in mud, rain, ice cream...). But she was really probably best known for running barefoot! :)
Sub Event Cost Distance
$25.00 5km
$25.00 0.1km
$40.00 5km
I understand what a road race involves and believe that I am in proper physical condition to participate. In consideration of being permitted to participate in Marina's Miles 5K, I hereby agree to assume all of the risks and responsibilities arising out of my participation, and do for myself, my heirs and personal representatives hereby hold harmless indemnify, release and forever discharge Racewire, the Town of Durham, the Oyster River School District, and Marina's Miles and any and all employees, officers, board members, representatives, volunteers or agents of these organizations from and against any and all claims, demands, and actions or courses of action, on account of property damage, physical damage, physical injury or death which occur during the period of my participation. I have read and fully understand this release statement. I understand that NO REFUNDS will be given, unless the date of the race is changed because of Town Permit issues.