In Cold Mud Weekend

  • 05.08.2022 @ 10:00 AM
  • Beech Mountain, North Carolina
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About this Event
In Cold Mud 5K presented by Beech Mountain Parks & Rec Department will be held May 8, 2021 on Beech Mountain's Wild Iris Trail. Get Muddy on Mudder's day weekend - I mean Mother's Day Weekend!
The course is on Wild Iris Trail Loop, which is an easy woodland trail that we have modified with obstacles. There is a elevation change of around 150ft, which on Beech Mtn. we call this course FLAT. The loop has rocks, roots and a bunch of MUD! There will be 1 aid station at mile 2.
Parking for this event will be at Beech Mountain Club Golf Course
112 Clubhouse Road, Beech Mtn. NC 28604. There will be a shuttle for racers and spectators.
We will present you with your own chunk of mud! Participants in the timed categories will receive 1st 2nd and 3rd place in customized mugs. We have a local artist creating one of a kind mugs for you to remember your experience on Beech!
What to Bring
We will have a bag check available for clean clothes. We recommend bringing a towel, change of clothes (including shoes and socks). Plan on being covered in mud from head to toe. We will have a rinse off and changing stations.
Race Day Schedule
8 am - Race Day Registration & Packet Pickup at Fire Station II
9:30 am - Race Registration Closes
10 am - Competitive heat begins
10:30 am - Fun Run heat begins
11:30 - begin Awards Ceremony
12 pm - Clear Course

Schedule of Weekend Events
More details will follow in coming weeks.
Hotels on Beech
Looking for a place to stay while getting muddy all weekend?
Here are some lodging options on Beech offering 10% off a 2 night stay for In Cold Mud run participants!

Accommodations Center
Beech Alpen Inn
Beech Mountain Realty and Rentals
4 Seasons at Beech
Beech Mountain Chalet Rentals
Pinnacle Inn
We do not charge spectators to cheer and congratulate their family or friends along the course. For everyone’s safety we will kindly ask spectators to find their viewing space off of the trail, and stay there until the end of the current heat.
Photos will be available on A code will be sent to you in your Race Day email.
Follow us on Facebook for the most up to date information on In Cold Mud 5k.
Beech Mountain Parks & Recreation, Buckeye Recreation Center
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