The Virtual Run of the Mill 5K

  • 05.29.2021 @ 08:00 AM
  • Lexington, Massachusetts
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The event administrator has closed online registration for this event.
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05 .29 .2021
starts at 08 :00 AM
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The Estabrook PTO is proud to sponsor a virtual rendition of an activity that sits at the heart of the Estabrook community -- the 12th annual Run of the Mill! Though we're slowly opening back up, we could not hold a live event that lives up to the standards of our beloved race. This event helps support the programs and activities that make the Estabrook community so special! All families and friends of Estabrook School are invited to join in this healthy, fun, and exciting community event.

You can run this virtual race wherever you choose between Saturday 5/29/2021 and Saturday 6/5/2021. Upon registering, you will receive instruction on how to submit the time. If you choose to run the race on the actual Run Of The Mill course, it starts at Estabrook, and the winding, hilly 5K course takes runners and walkers through the beautiful Turning Mill neighborhood, finishing back at the school. Proceeds from the race will benefit the Estabrook Elementary School.
Sub Event Cost Distance
$20.00 5km
Waiver must be read and signed: There are significant elements of risk in any sport or activity associated with running and walking, including this Estabrook PTO Run of the Mill (“the Activity”) and related activities that are incident thereto. I acknowledge that the following describes some, but not all, of the risks of participating in the Activity: inclement weather, lightning, variances and extremes of wind, weather, and temperature; heat or sun-related injuries or illnesses including sunburn, sunstroke, and dehydration; fatigue, chill, and dizziness, which may diminish reaction time and increase the risk of an accident; falls; contact with other participants; traffic; and road conditions. I am aware that the Activity entails risk of injury or death. I understand the description of these risks is not complete and that unknown or unanticipated risks may result in injury, illness, or death as a result of participation in the Activity. I hereby knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown, including full responsibility for and risk of bodily injury, death or property damage as a result of my participation in the Activity, even if the injury, death or property damage is caused, in whole or in part, by the negligence of the Estabrook PTO, and any or all of its owners, officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, volunteers, committees, boards, and employees (hereinafter, “the Releasees”). I verify that I am sufficiently fit, trained, qualified, and capable to participate in the Activity. I assume full responsibility, for myself and any minor children for whom I am responsible, for any bodily injury, accident, illness, death, loss of personal property and expenses related thereto as a result of any accident which may occur while I participate in the Activity. I assume the risks of personal injury, accidents and/or illness, including but not limited to sprains, torn muscles and/or ligaments, fractured or broken bones, eye damage, cuts, wounds, scrapes, abrasions, contusions, dehydration, oxygen shortage (anoxia), heart attack, exposure, head, neck, and spinal injuries, insect or animal bites, allergic reaction, shock, paralysis, or death. (continued on reverse side)   I, the participant or parent/guardian of the participant, for myself, my heirs, representatives, assigns, and next of kin, in consideration for registration and participation in the Activity, do fully and forever release, waive, discharge, hold harmless, and covenant not to sue the Releasees from all liability to the participant, his/her personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and next of kin for death, personal injury, or property damages and from any and all claims, demands, suits, loss, and causes of action on account of death, personal injury, or property damages suffered or sustained by me or any person or property as a result of or arising out of my participation in the Activity, whether arising from the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by law. By accepting, I acknowledge that I have read this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement, fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it, and sign it freely and voluntarily without any inducement. Registrant Signature (if age 18 or older) Date Parent/Guardian signature if registrant is age under 18______________________________________¬¬¬ Printed Name of Responsible Parent/Guardian_____________________________________________ Contact Mobile Phone Number of Responsible Parent/Guardian_____________________________ SecureFee™ Registration Cancellation Insurance is offered in most states. If purchased, your registration may be covered for one of the covered reasons stated in the policy.