Saddleback Oktoberfest 5k

  • 10.07.2023 @ 10:00 AM
  • Rangeley, Maine
Event Closed
The event administrator has closed online registration for this event. We will not be allowing day of registration at this time but hope you see you for 2024!
Event Details
10 .07 .2023
starts at 10 :00 AM
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Event Information
About the Race
Spectators can view runners at the beginning of the race and at the finish! This will be considered a challenging, yet fun due to the hilly nature of the course. Earn bragging rights once you complete the race for "running up Saddleback Mountain" - this is NOT on pavement and will be on a packed dirt road

Registration Location: The registration area is located in side of the MAIN BASE LODGE. There is plenty of free parking.
Bib// Packet pick up will be on race day beginning at 8:30am
Race begins at 10:00AM.
Registration Fee $40

Top 3 male/female finishers will receive prizes.

No dogs allowed / No Morning of Registration
Course Maps
Sub Event Cost Distance
$40.00 3.5mi
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