Tough Towner - Jackson Hole

  • 05.11.2013 @ 05:00 AM
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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The Jackson Hole Tough Towner will take place in Jackson, WY. Special thanks to the Jackson Parks and Recreation department and the town of Jackson. Our event benefactor will be the the Jarad Spackman Memorial Fund.

The course is 4 miles in distance and includes exciting course elements.
Classes & Waves
Fast class starts at 10:00 AM, Fun Class starts at 12:00PM Waves of 50 people will begin at noon and will continue until all registered participants are on the course.
Charity Partner
$3 of every participant registration will go to Jarad Spackman memorial fund
Registration will open at 8:00am at Snow King. Please arrive at least 1 hour prior to your race class to ensure enough time to register.
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