Swim & Fin Race for Salem Sound

  • 08.24.2013 @ 08:30 AM
  • Salem, Massachusetts
Event Closed
The event administrator has closed online registration for this event.
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Event Information
Brief Description
The Swim & Fin Race for Salem Sound is an open water charity swim in Salem Harbor, organized by Salem Sound Coastwatch, an environmental organization working for clean water. There are three different race distances: 500 meters, 1 mile and 5K. Championship designation is pending for the 1 mi and 5K races for both USA Swimming and US Masters Swimming. Proceeds from this event support Salem Sound Coastwatch's work to keep our beaches, streams, salt marshes and coastal waters clean, safe and healthy.
Pre Registration
Friday August 23, 12pm EST. The race field is capped at 250. Registration will be shut off and registration will close once the event reaches capacity. Race day registration will open at 930am if the race has not reached capacity. There will be a $5 surcharge for race day registration.Registration and packet pickup will close at 11am on race morning.
500 meters, 1 mile and 5K. Races are open to all ages and levels. Championship designation is pending for both US Masters and USA Swimming. Participants can swim in only one race.
1 day Memberships
If you are not a member of either USA or US Masters Swimming, you must purchase a one-day membership in addition to the registration fee. The fees are: USA Swimming -$15; US Masters Swimming - $10
Membership Options
Generally, everyone 18 and over should join US Masters. However, there some exceptions. Please consider the following in making your decision:
If you are swimming in the 500 meter and want to be eligible to win an award, you must join USA Swimming. (US Masters does not give awards in the 500 meter race.) Note: Everyone 17 and over will be in a single age category for the 500 meter race. See Awards below.

If you want to wear a wetsuit and be eligible to win an award, you must be a member of US Masters. USA Swimming does not allow wetsuits for championship competitions.

The minimum age for US Masters membership is 18.
Wetsuits and Awards
USA Swimming, including one day memberships
Awards for each race are by age group and gender. Age groups are 10 and under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, and 17+. No Wetsuits Allowed. If you wear a wetsuit your time will be posted by you will not be eligible for an award.

US Masters Swimming, including one day memberships
Wetsuits are allowed. Swimmers wearing wet-suits will compete in a separate class. Minimum age for US Masters membership is 18. Award categories are in 5 year increments: 19-24, 25-29, up to 70+. US Masters does not give awards for the 500m race.
Yearly Memberships
Interested in purchasing a yearly membership?
US Masters Swimming: http://www.usms.org/reg/
USA Swimming: http://www.usaswimming.org/DesktopDefault.aspx?TabId=2078&Alias=Rainbow&Lang=en

Finding Your Member #
Already a member? Finding your Member Numbers
You can find your USMS number at http://www.usms.org/reg/. A valid format is 1A2A-1B2B3. You can find your USA number at http://www.usaswimming.org/. A valid format is chri121073rich. If you are registering on race day you must bring your member card with you, or at least have your number.
Water Temperatures
Mean water temperature at this time is 68 degrees.
Event T-Shirts
Custom event shirts will be given to swimmers who register by Thursday, August 12, 2013
Brightly colored swim caps will be provided and required. Numbers will be written on the caps, swimmers arms and hands for those wearing wetsuits. Safety kayaks and rescue boats will be on the course as well for emergencies.
The City of Salem has kindly waived admission fees to the park for this event. Overflow parking will be available .7 miles away at the O'Keefe Center at Salem State University, 225 Canal St. Salem.
Bring Your Family
Families can picnic and enjoy the wooded Forest River Park. The park has 2 beaches, walking paths, playground, and restrooms.
The Salem Inn is offering a special package for swimmers who participate and are planning to spend the weekend. Visit saleminnma.com for more information.
No rain date. The swim will be cancelled only if absolutely necessary for the safety of the swimmers. In case of cancellation, your registration fee will then become a tax deductible donation.
If you have any questions about event logistics please contact B&S Event Management at bnsfitnessevents@yahoo.com For all other inquiries please contact Salem Sound Coastwatch at 978-741-7900 or email info@salemsound.org
Sanctioned Races
The races will be sanctioned by both USA Swimming and US Masters Swimming. All swimmers must be a member of either organization to participate. One day memberships are available to both organizations.
Sub Event Cost Distance
$30.00 0.3mi
$30.00 1mi
$30.00 5km
$30.00 0.3mi
$30.00 1mi
$30.00 5km
I, the undersigned participant, intending to be legally bound, hereby certify that I am physically fit and have not been otherwise informed by a physician. I acknowledge that I am aware of all the risks inherent in Masters Swimming or USA Swimming (training and competition), including possible permanent disability or death, and agree to assume all of those risks. AS A CONDITION OF MY PARTICIPATION IN THE MASTERS OR USA SWIMMING OR ANY ACTIVITIES INCIDENT THERETO, I HEREBY WAIVE ANY AND ALL RIGHTS TO CLAIMS FOR LOSS OR DAMAGES CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE, ACTIVE OR PASSIVE, OF THE FOLLOWING: B&S FITNESS PROGRAMS LLC, SALEM SOUND COASTWATCH,USA SWIMMING, UNITED STATES MASTERS SWIMMING, INC., THE LOCAL MASTERS SWIMMING COMMITTEES, THE CLUBS, HOST FACILITIES, MEET SPONSORS, MEET COMMITTEES, OR ANY INDIVIDUALS OFFICIATING AT THE MEETS OR SUPERVISING SUCH ACTIVITIES. In addition, I agree to abide by and be governed by the rules of USMS AND USA SWIMMING. Finally, I specifically acknowledge that I am aware of all risks inherent in open water swimming and agree to assume those risks.