2017 L.L.Bean Trail Running Festival at Pineland Farms

  • 05.28.2017 @ 09:30 AM
  • New Gloucester, Maine
Event Closed
Online registration for our 2018 event on May 26th and 27th is now open. Please click on this updated link: https://racewire.com/register.php?id=8377
Event Details
starts at 09:30 AM
Contact Details
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Event Information
Race Start Times
Saturday 5/27/17:
9:30 AM: Canicross 5K Race
10:00 AM: 10k Race
10:30 AM: Kid's Race
11:00 AM: 5k Race

Sunday, May 28th, 2017
6:00 AM: 50 mile race
8:00 AM: 50k race
10:00 AM 25k race
Refund Policy
We offer a flexible refund policy. Your best option is to purchase the Refund Option when you register. It is a set amount, and can be exercised anytime prior to the start of the race. The Refund Option is like buying registration insurance that protects you from unexpected events. We realize that life happens and sometimes it\'s not possible or advisable for runners to participate in a race. Sometimes runners suffer injuries while training, learn that they\'re pregnant, get called to perform military duty, lose a job, or must attend to a family emergency. Sometimes races get cancelled due to acts of God.

Refund Option Rules:
If you purchase the Refund Option at the time of registration, you can request a refund anytime prior to the start of the race. Requests for refunds must be made by completing the form on the Refunds & Deferrals page of our website. If the race is cancelled, you may request a refund only if you purchased the refund option at the time of registration. Refunds will be credited to the credit card used for registration. If you do not purchase the Refund Option when you register, we will refund partial amounts through 11:59pm EST on 04/29/17. You need to use the form on the Refunds & Deferrals page of our website to request the refund. All refunds will be processed through Race Wire, our online registration company. No cash or checks will be sent.

Refund Option Costs (if purchased at time of registration):
5k, Kid's Race, Canicross and 10k: $5
25k, 50k and 50 mile: $10
Extra Meals
The entry fee for all events on Saturday 5/27/17 does not include the cost of a BBQ meal ticket. You may purchase one or more online for $6 apiece. The entry fee for all events on Sunday 5/28/17 does include the BBQ meal. All proceeds for meal tickets will go to the Gray New Gloucester Booster Club. You may also purchase extra tickets on race day.
Multi-race Discount
You can save $5 for each additional race after the first if you register during the same online session. For example, you can register for the 5k race on Saturday and the 50k race on Sunday. You may also register a family member or friend during the same session and save $5.
Race Shirts
With the exception of the Kid's Race, the race entry fee does not include a race shirt, each must be purchased separately. Our 2017 technical race shirts are full dye sublimation shirts, rather then screen printed shirts.
(All registrants for the Kid's Race will receive a cotton blend t-shirt.)
Registration Fee Schedule
Opening Registration Special: until August 31st, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST
Wicked Early Registration fees apply September 1st through October 21st, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST.
Early Registration fees apply from October 22nd, 2016 to December 31st, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST.
Regular Registration fees apply from January 1st, 2017 to March 1st, 2017 at 11:59 pm EST.
Late Registration fees apply from April 1st, 2017 through May 26th, 2017 at 10:00 pm EDT.
Race day registration fees will apply on Saturday, May 27th and Sunday, May 28th.
Deferral Policy
If you cannot attend the race for any reason you may request a deferral to the next year. Requests must be made by completing the form on the Refunds and Deferrals page of our web site by 11:59 PM (EST) on 04/29/17.
Cancellation Policy
Although rare sometimes races must be cancelled due to unexpected unsafe race conditions i.e. Hurricane Irene 8/28/11 and Sandy 10/30/12. If there is an event due to an act of God that is beyond the Race Director\'s control i.e. hurricane, dangerously high heat index >105, or a state of emergency is declared by municipal authorities the race will be cancelled. If a race is cancelled due to an act of God it will not be postponed and no refunds will be given.
What is included with my registration?
Your race registration includes the following: A personalized bib number*, downloadable, high quality, personalized race video and downloadable, high resolution race photos. At the finish you will get an aluminum water bottle, finisher food and two complimentary Shipyard beers.** Finishers on Sunday also get one of our highly-coveted cowbell awards. *Bibs are ordered one month prior to the event ** Runners must be 21 or older to receive the complimentary beers.
Bib Pick Up
Runners will have several opportunities to pick up their bibs and any merchandise that is purchased during online registration.
Friday, 05/26/17 from 4:00 pm-7:00 pm at L.L. Bean in Freeport
Saturday, 05/27/17 from 8:30 am-11:00 am in the Grove at Pineland Farms
Saturday, 05/27/17 from 3:00 pm-7:00 pm at L.L.Bean in Freeport
Sunday, 05/28/17 from 5:00 am-10:00 am in the Grove at Pineland Farms
There are 60 slots available each night at Bradbury Mountain State Park. You can reserve slots as you register. ***Saturday night is now Sold Out***
Team Registration Style
Please select a method of registration below:
   Join a Team: Pick from a list of team names on the next page and join your team.
   Create a Team: Once you create a team, participants can join your team under the "join a team" option above.
   Individual Registration: Register as an individual participant.
I acknowledge that trail running is an extreme test of a person's physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential for death, serious injury, and property loss. I HEREBY ASSUME THE RISKS OF PARTICIPATING IN THIS EVENT(S). I certify that I am physically fit, have sufficiently trained for participation in this event(s), and have not been advised against participation by a qualified health professional. I acknowledge that my statements on this AWRL are being accepted by GiddyUp Productions LLC, L.L.Bean, Pineland Farms, Inc., Boulos, October Corp./Libra Foundation, YMCA of Southern Maine, Trail Monster Running, Road Runners Club of America, the Town of New Gloucester, Maine, and all race sponsors, vendors, volunteers, organizers and administrators in consideration for permitting me to participate in this event. In consideration for allowing me to participate in this event, I hereby take the following action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs next of kin, successors and assigns, or anyone else who might claim or sue on my behalf, and I expressly acknowledge that it is my intent to take these actions: (a) I AGREE to abide by the Competitive Rules adopted by this event; (b) I AGREE to abide by any decisions of race officials relative to my ability to safely complete the run; (c) I WAIVE, RELEASE, AND FOREVER DISCHARGE from any and all claims, losses (economic and non-economic), or liabilities, for death, personal injury, partial or permanent disability, property damage, medical or hospital bills, theft, or damages of any kind, which may in the future arise out of, result from, or relate to my participation in or my traveling to or from this event, or cancellation of the event for any reason THE FOLLOWING PERSONS OR ENTITIES: GIDDYUP PRODUCTIONS, LLC, L.L.BEAN, PINELAND FARMS, INC., BOULOS, OCTOBER CORP./LIBRA FOUNDATION, YMCA OF SOUTHERN MAINE, TRAIL MONSTER RUNNING, ROAD RUNNERS CLUB OF AMERICA, THE TOWN OF NEW GLOUCESTER, MAINE, AND ALL EVENT SPONSORS, VENDORS, VOLUNTEERS, ORGANIZERS AND ADMINISTRATORS, AND THE OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, REPRESENTATIVES AND AGENTS OF ANY OF THE ABOVE, EVEN IF SUCH CLAIMS, LOSSES, OR LIABILITIES ARE CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENT ACTS OR OMISSIONS OF THE PERSONS OR ENTITY I AM HEREBY RELEASING; (d) I ACKNOWLEDGE that there may be vehicular traffic, all-terrain vehicles, work trucks, farming equipment, dogs, or persons on the course route, and I ASSUME THE RISK OF RUNNING OR PARTICIPATING IN THIS EVENT under these circumstances; (e) I ASSUME ANY AND ALL OTHER RISKS associated with participating in this event including but not limited to falls, contact and/or effects with other participants or dogs, effects of the weather including high heat and/or humidity, extreme cold, precipitation, lightning, high winds, defective equipment, the condition of the trails and fields, water crossings, mud, running with a dog, running barefoot, eating food or drinks provided at aid stations or the finish line area, and any hazard that may be posed by spectators or volunteers, all such risks being known and appreciated by me; and I further acknowledge that these risks include risks that may be the result of the negligence of persons or entities mentioned above in subparagraph (c) or of other persons or entities. I FURTHER COVENANT AND AGREE NOT TO SUE any of the persons or entities mentioned above in subparagraph (c) for any of the claims, losses, or liabilities that I have waived, released, or discharged herein; and I INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the persons or entities mentioned above in subparagraph (c) from any and all expenses incurred, claims made, or liabilities assessed against them, including but not limited to attorneys fees and litigation expenses, arising out of or resulting from, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, (i) my actions or inactions; (ii) my breach or failure to abide by any part of this AWRL including but not limited to my covenant not to sue; (iii) my breach or failure to abide by any of the Competitive Rules; (iv) my failure to abide by any decision of a race official; or (v) any other harm caused by me. I FURTHER GRANT FULL PERMISSION to any and all of the above parties mentioned above in subparagraph (c) to use all registration information and/or likeness relating to my participation in this event, as well as use of any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, website images, recordings or any other record of this event, and I WAIVE all rights to any future compensation to which I may otherwise be entitled as a result of the use of my name, contact information, image, or likeness. I HEREBY AFFIRM THAT I AM EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER, I HAVE READ THIS DOCUMENT, AND I UNDERSTAND ITS CONTENT. For persons under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must sign the AWRL and complete the following section. The undersigned parent and natural guardian of minor named in this registration form hereby acknowledges that he/she has executed the foregoing AWRL for and on behalf of the minor named herein. As the natural or legal guardian of such minor, I hereby bind myself, the minor, and our executors administration, heirs, next of kin, successors, and assigns to the terms of the foregoing AWRL. I represent that I have the legal capacity and authority to act for and on behalf of the minor named herein, and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the persons or entities mentioned in the foregoing AWRL for any expenses incurred, claims made, or liabilities assessed against them, as a result of any insufficiency of my legal capacity or authority to act for and on behalf of the minor in the execution of the foregoing AWRL or in the execution of this consent and authorization for medical treatment. I hereby authorize any licensed physician, emergency medical technician, hospital or other medical or health care facility (Medical Provider) to treat the minor named herein for the purpose of attempting to treat or relieve any injuries received by said minor arising out of or relating to this event. I authorize any such Medical Provider to perform all procedures deemed medically advisable by the Medical Provider in attempting to treat or relieve any such injuries and any related conditions of said minor that may be encountered during the course of attempting to treat or relieve such injuries. I consent to the administration of anesthesia as deemed advisable during the course of such treatment. I realize and appreciate that there is a possibility of complications and unforeseen consequences in any medical treatment, and I assume any such risk for and on behalf of said minor and myself. I acknowledge that no warranty is being made as to the results of any medical treatment.