Gladiator Obstacle Course Race, Battle to Defeat M.S.

  • 10.07.2018 @ 10:00 AM
  • Franklin, Massachusetts
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About New England Gold
New England Gold is a training center located in Franklin, MA. that specializes in the sport of wrestling. They are know for producing champions while concentrating on the fundamentals. New England Gold has run many events/trips on the local and national level. They know how to run quality events. NE Gold's head coach, Carmine Colace, is a National Hall of Fame Coach. We are looking to add The Gladiator Race Obstacle Course Race to it's list of events with the intention of making it fun and family orientated. We are planning to split funds raised. Donating funds to Multiple Sclerosis and the remaining funds to New England Gold. In hopes to keeps it's quality programs for both youth and high school athletes on going. Go for Gold and help defeat M.S., We will be offering 2 levels with 2 separate courses. One level (adult) will be challenging and the other more reserved for the youth. Rules and guidelines will be simple, "How ever you want to participate and finish is totally up to the you". Thanks, Carmine Colace
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