The Loop Pursuit Triathlon

  • 08.04.2019 @ 07:00 AM
  • Verona, Wisconsin
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Event Information
About The Loop Pursuit Triathlon
Making its debut in 2019, The Loop Pursuit is the triathlon experience you've been longing for. We're focusing on what you love about the sport -- camaraderie, challenge, attaining a personal best -- and leaving behind those things you don't.

Brought to you by Verona's own Rocket Bicycle Studio, you can be assured that this mid-distance length endurance event is designed and managed with you in mind, your safety and the unique assets our community has to offer.

The triathlon gives participants a "right distance" race opportunity to use for long course triathlon training and a challenge for those wanting a bit more than a sprint distance triathlon. We're about helping you gain knowledge, reach your goals, celebrate your accomplishments and meet some cool people along the way.

Get in early as we are capping the race at 500 participants for this inaugural year!
Course Information
Total Distance: 50 miles

The .8-mile, two-loop swim will be held in the Fireman’s Park Quarry in Verona, Wisconsin. This body of water provides a continuous swim in calm, clear water.

The 39.2-mile ride will take you through the beautiful and hilly countryside of SW Wisconsin on popular routes and roads.

This 10-mile, flat run course will take you west on the Military Ridge Path out and back. A crushed lime-stone runner-friendly route will carry you swiftly to a strong finish.

The transition area will be set up in Fireman's Park for ease of in-and-out access for participants.
Additional Information
Finish Line Festivities:
Our unique finish line horseshoe design gives us the opportunity to create the kind of atmosphere we know you'll dig! Cheers as you cross the finish line, plenty of food & beverages, areas to relax, listen to music and kick back with yard games and all the cool people who are now "Loopers!"

Event Management:
A highly experienced team will be managing this event, in coordination with local and Dane County law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, lifeguards and lots of volunteers. We'll work hard so you can enjoy the race!

Event Give Back:
The Loop Pursuit Triathlon will serve as the launch for The Pursuit Scholarship Program to help area youth become engaged in and continue to lead active lifestyles.

Minimum Age To Participate: 18

Refunds/Transfers: There are no refunds or transfers for The Loop Pursuit Triathlon, including for a weather cancellation.
Course Maps
Sub Event Cost Distance
$199.00 50mi
$319.00 50mi
$319.00 50mi
- - 50mi
- - 50mi
I acknowledge that training for and/or participating in a fitness activities such as strength training, bicycling, running, swimming, triathlon are an extreme test of a person’s physical and mental limits and such training or participation poses potential risks of serious bodily injury, death, or property damage. With full understanding of the risks I am taking, I HEREBY ASSUME ALL THE RISKS OF TRAINING FOR AND PARTICIPATING IN SUCH ACTIVITIES and EVENTS and agree to the following: I hereby attest that I am in good health and my physical condition has been verified by a licensed medical doctor and, furthermore the licensed medical doctor has been advised that I intend to participate in the activities of swimming, bicycling and running. I hereby expressly grant to The Loop Pursuit Triathlon and its staff, agents and assigns, the right to photograph me and use my picture, silhouette and other reproductions of my physical likeness (as the same may appear in any still camera photograph and/or motion picture film and/or videotape), in and in connection with the exhibition, theatrically on television or otherwise, of any motion pictures in which the same may be used or incorporated, and also in the advertising, and/or publicizing of any such motion picture, but not limited to television or theatrical motion pictures. I further give the said company the right to reproduce in any manner whatsoever any recording made by said company of my voice and all instrumental, musical or other sound effects produced by me. In addition, I hereby expressly grant The Loop Pursuit Triathlon the right to use my picture, silhouette, other reproductions of my physical likeness, and video on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media or website for the promotion of The Loop Pursuit Triathlon and its programs. In consideration of registering for the event The Loop Pursuit Triathlon, I hereby take the following action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns, or anyone else who might claim or sue on my behalf: (a) I WAIVE, RELEASE, AND DISCHARGE from any and all claims, costs, or liabilities for death, personal injury or damages of any kind, which arise out of or relate to my training, THE FOLLOWING PERSONS OR ENTITIES: The Loop Pursuit Triathlon, Rocket Bicycle Studio, LLC, Next Level Event Productions, LLC, and Target Destination Consultancy Group, LLC; (b) I AGREE NOT TO SUE any of the persons or entities mentioned above for any of the claims, costs or liabilities that I have waived, released or discharged herein; and (c) I INDEMNIFY, DEFEND, and HOLD HARMLESS the persons or entities mentioned above from any claims made or liabilities assessed against them as a result of my actions except those resulting from the willful acts or gross negligence of entities mentioned above. I agree to abide by the laws of the State of Wisconsin and to litigate any disputes between myself (the Client) and Rocket Bicycle Studio, LLC within the legal jurisdiction of Wisconsin, (Dane County). I AFFIRM THAT I HAVE READ THIS DOCUMENT AND UNDERSTAND ITS CONTENTS. I UNDERSTAND THAT BY ACCEPTING THE TERMS OF THIS DOCUMENT I AM WAIVING SIGNIFICANT LEGAL RIGHTS AND AM INCURRING SIGNIFICANT LEGAL LIABILITIES. I HAVE BEEN SPECIFICALLY ADVISED TO CONSULT WITH AN ATTORNEY IF I DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANY PORTION OF THIS RELEASE AND AGREEMENT. I intelligently and willingly assumed the risk of participating in the triathlon, The Loop Pursuit Triathlon.